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Holiday 2014 Forecast: 'interstellar' - Box Office Mojo

Holiday Fair at Temple Sholom Nov. 2 - Marple Newtown County Press - Delco News Network

From the moment Interstellar was announced, it immediately became one of the most-anticipated movies of 2014. In the process, box office expectations probably got a bit out of control: back in April, this publication gave it a 25 percent chance of reaching $1 billion worldwide. Those expectations need to be tempered a bit, though. From 2010 on, Inception ($292.6 million) and Gravity ($274.1 million) are the highest-grossing live-action movies that weren't based on existing intellectual property (so excluding sequels, adaptations, etc.). Those two are strong comparisons for Interstellar: Inception has the Nolan connection, while Gravity has the space angle. It doesn't help, though, that early reviews for Interstellar have been mixed-positive: a week ahead of its nationwide debut, its sitting at 73 percent on Rotten Tomatoes (45 reviews in).
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Play E! Online's Christmas TV Movie Bingo Game This Holiday Season! | E! Online

Holiday Movie Bingo The franchise is currently on a downward trajectory: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey earned 20 percent less than The Return of the King, while The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug was off 15 percent from An Unexpected Journey. The bleeding should slow down with The Battle of the Five Armies: Smaug was widely considered an improvement over its predecessor, and franchise finales tend to do pretty well. Unlike the last two years, though, The Hobbit isn't the only major movie coming out this December. Noting the lukewarm reception of the first installment, other studios programmed some very competitive titles: Exodus: Gods and Kings , Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb and Into the Woods should all chip away at this movie's audience. As a result, a modest decline seems to be in order (somewhere in the five to ten percent range).
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Holiday 2014 Forecast: 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' - Box Office Mojo

Henson stars in the movie, which she also executive produced, along with Gladys Knight and Method Man. Saturday, Nov. 29: Christmas Under Wraps (Hallmark) What It's About: Candace Cameron Bure plays a doctor who impulsively moves to a small Alaskan town when she doesn't land the job she planned for. Saturday, Nov. 29: Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever (Lifetime) What It's About: Come on, we think you know. Aubrey Plaza voices Hollywood's most beloved (and unamused) kitty in this movie that tells the tale of her friendship with a 12-year-old girl. Saturday, Dec.
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to 2 p.m., Sunday, Nov. 2 at the synagogue. Beautiful and unique clothing, collectibles, Judaica, artwork, raffles and more will be featured. Admission and parking are free. For more information, call 610-356-5165.
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