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Web.com Study Reveals Online Security Concerns Are Driving Consumers To Shop Small Businesses This Holiday Season - Yahoo Finance

The holiday shopping season is just around the corner and new reports of retail and banking industry security breaches continue to surface. At the same time, more consumers are not only shopping online but are doing so via mobile devices. As such, there is a critical need for business owners to increase their investments in the security technologies and services needed to protect customers from potential security and privacy threats. "Small businesses have an opportunity to think even more strategically about their online and digital presence through the lens of what value they can bring their customerswhether in the form of money, efficiency or security," said David Brown, chairman and CEO of Web.com. "In order to gain consumer confidence, small business owners have become more thoughtful and serious about managing their online presence and making the necessary security measures to keep their customers' data safe." For information on the survey methodology, access to the survey results and related insights and to view an infographic that illustrates consumer attitudes toward security and privacy, click here (infographic) and here (survey insights) . *Online survey fielded by Toluna Research from September 19-26, 2014, with a +/-1.5% to 2.0% margin of error at 95% confidence at the 3,039 "all respondent level" and a +/-3.5% to 4.4% margin of error at 95% confidence for the 1,003 small business decision-makers. ** Target and Neiman Marcus Shopping Risks About Web.com Web.com Group, Inc. ( WWWW ) provides a full range of Internet services to small businesses to help them compete and succeed online.
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Holiday sinkhole engulfs car

Some shoppers like Nancy Schechtman think it's too soon. "The excitement is gone when it stretches out over such a long period of time," she said. Others like Howard Jackson welcome it. "It put us in a festive mood with Thanksgiving coming no it's alright it's fine," he said. "I like it." It's something retailers definitely don't mind. "It allows them to get greater exposure to the customer or let them know what their promotions are going to be not only for the given day but what the promotional offers will be going forward for that holiday season," explained Klein. The main holiday display at Westfield will be up by November 14 and mall officials say this is the same time it goes up every year. "We typically right after halloween go straight into holiday setup and you'll notice that whether it be in the mall interior of the anchor stores as well," added Klein. Black Friday will also arrive early this year as many stores will be open on Thanksgiving -- or as it's known now 'Grey Thursday.' "It's a very short period of time and we need to embrace it and it's not only good for the customer the individual but it's good for big business and small business as well," Klein concluded.
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Early rush for holiday shoppers | News - Home

She was forced to quickly grab as many of her belongings as she could to get out. She blames the hole on nearby construction to build a sewer lift station. Jones say, "I don't think it's anything else because of the fact that we are in Florida and it's mostly sand - you know - the land is sand." She adds that the construction is extremely loud. " Many mornings I have to get up from bed - from 7 o'clock at 12 o'clock at night." Emergency Management is recommending that five other homes in the vicinity be evacuated. Larry Pickering is the property manager at Holiday Travel Park where she lives. He worries about whether others could be at risk. He says, "They think the hole is getting bigger.
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